Friday, October 26, 2012

SS025:Nascitari/Wet Dream Asphyxiation - A Wall Of Two Humans

               Nascitari/Wet Dream Asphyxiation 
                          A Wall Of Two Humans

1.A Wall Of Two Humans
2.A Wall Of Two Humans

SS024:Waves Crashing Piano Chords - I Don't Care If I Die

        Waves Crashing Piano Chords -  I Don't Care If I Die Lathe 5" limited to 10 Coming soon..

SS023:M.S.W.- SYD

M.S.W. - SYD Lathe 7" limited to 15 copies. On Sale SSoon

Monday, October 8, 2012

SS022:Vomir/Monolith Of Shit

                          Vomir/Monolith Of Shit 

A. Vomir - prĂ©sent enseveli
B.Monolith Of Shit - Seismic Static Formations